a man’s mindset by Dillon Thomson


My little brother and I were swimming and my dad walked out and said “it’s trash day tomorrow you know what that means” and my brother looked at me dead in the eyes and said “it’s time for you to go.”




I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

Don’t tell them


well-written novel sized fanfiction


Anonymous wondered:
"Do you have an appointment?" Mycroft asked when Sherlock showed up at his office unannounced. "I miss John," Sherlock told him sitting down. Mycroft sighed and used the intercom to speak with Anthea, "I need you to put Sherlock on the next flight to Toronto, and arrange for a car to take him to Dr. Watson's hotel." "Yes sir," Anthea replied, "should I arrange for him to attend the remainder of the medical conference or perhaps consult on some cold cases?" "Both," Sherlock grinned, "thanks Myc."


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